AppleはiTunes Connectという新しいポータルを利用してiPad向けの電子コンテンツ配信プラットフォームであるiBooksのストア上で、著者が簡単に作品を公開できるサービスを開始した。

1.Music/Music Video


Requirements for Distributing Content on the iBookstore

Technical Requirements:

* An Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later
* At least 1 GB RAM
* QuickTime 7.0.3 or later. This is so you can encode and deliver content using our dedicated software.
* At least 10 GB of available hard drive space (more for larger catalogs) is recommended.
* A broadband internet connection with an upload rate of 128 kbps or faster is recommended.

Book Content Requirements:

* ISBNs for all titles you intend to distribute
* You must be able to deliver your book content in EPUB format, passing EpubCheck 1.0.5.

Financial Requirements:

* A US Tax ID
* A valid iTunes Store account, with a credit card on file
* Apple does not pay partners until they meet payment requirements and earning thresholds in each territory. You should consider this before applying to work directly with Apple as you may receive payments faster by working with an Apple-approved aggregator.

ISBN、EPUB、US TaxID というのがキーワードのようだ。自前でやる以外には公式のiBook Store アグリゲーターを通して依頼するという方法もある。


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